Overview of Places

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What are places?

The community itself is organized with different areas based on topics specific to your organization.  These areas are called places.  There are three visible types of places as well as two additional ones not readily visible.


You can think of places as rooms in a building where each room has a different topic of conversation happening.  Navigating to another room will change the conversation.


Visible Places

  • Spaces – spaces act as portals to information in your community and are controlled by administrators.  Spaces can have defined granular permissions that will limit what users are allowed to view, respond to and create in terms of content within that space.
  • Groups – also known as social groups, are places that are created by the users for specific needs.  Each group is an independent place within the community.  Groups work with the concept of membership in that user are invited to the group or join it and each member has equal rights to create, respond to and view the content within the group.
  • Projects – projects are places that live in groups and spaces and can help focus collaboration around a specific time oriented goal.  Projects will inherit the membership of groups and the permissions of spaces but also have additional features available.
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